Give them a great musical grounding

Learning to play their favourite songs, is a great way of getting into Electric Guitar, Drums, Keyboard or Vocals for the first time. Especially under the leadership of real rock musicians and in tune with the rest of their bandmates.

Help them lose inhibitions and win fans

Rehearsing for 30 minutes a week for a live performance is a fun way for kids to build their self-confidence, develop life skills and show the people that matter to them just what they’re capable of.

Rocksteady teach by rehearsing, listening, copying and playing together, so kids experience the benefits of group learning in every sense.

See them perform and achieve

Following the weekly band sessions in school time, they get to record the songs they’ve rehearsed and perform them to a live audience. This is where you get to be a proud parent and see what a long way they’ve come - and just how far they could go.

Valued time for them. Great value for you.

Rocksteady is often their favourite bit of the school week. Yet for all the fun it creates, it’s surprisingly affordable. Instruments are provided too, so no need to splash out before they decide if music is their scene.

Learning an instrument has never been so much fun

Your child will learn their instrument for 30 minutes per week by playing or singing in their own band. Learning an instrument is a lot more rewarding when you get to play it together with other musicians. As part of the Rocksteady Programme, your child will not only develop their music skills, but also teamwork, leadership and concentration, right from the very start.

Your child’s start in music, an exciting time…

Band lessons in Electric Guitar, Drums, Keyboard and Vocals at school. Learn to play an instrument through weekly band practices and concerts with a inspirational musician who’s out there doing it. Give your child a solid grounding in all aspects of being a musician with the added benefits of improved concentration, teamwork and listening skills. And most of all, they’ll have a lot of fun while they’re doing it.


½ Hour band practice every week
in school time. Led by professional
musician band leaders.

All instruments and equipment provided. No experience necessary.

Bands perform live
to an audience at the end of term

Invaluable musical and
personal skills for affordable prices.

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