Rocksteady Music School


Working for Rocksteady is more than just a job. It’s your chance to feel more motivated and inspired than any other role you’ve ever taken on, whether you’re teaching children music or supporting backstage.

Make an impact

Your work will have a real bearing on the confidence and happiness of children, and you’ll get to take pride in your achievements as you see them develop.

Great people

Be part of a team built on a culture of mutual respect, understanding and compassion, that all works together to achieve the same goals.

Keep things fresh

With new projects to work on all the time, every day presents an exciting new challenge, and workplace boredom simply doesn’t exist here.

Build your skills and character

Your contributions, creativity and initiative will be valued at Rocksteady, where you’ll receive first class support in developing your skills and career.


As an inspirational band leader, you’ll play a key role in supporting the musical development of children, as part of a team made up musicians just as passionate as you.


Your dream job exists

In the film ‘School of Rock’, Jack Black teaches a group of school children to perform as a rock band. Working with music every day and getting paid for it is not just Hollywood fiction, Rocksteady Music School has been employing musicians to teach band skills to children for over 10 years.

In this time they have developed a unique teaching methodology which teaches children to play songs they love in their own band, whilst building confidence, teamwork, resilience and listening skills.

They get real gig experience too – performing in a concert at the end of each term. Band leaders Anna and Stuart describe what it is like working for the real life ‘School of Rock’.

Children can choose to learn either drums, keyboard, guitar or vocals in the band.

Stuart performing live with one of his previous bands ‘Alzir’. Photograph by Simon Martinez

What makes a great band leader?

The ideal band leader is an experienced multi instrumentalist who can get the best out of young people. Anna says: “Each band leader has strengths in different instruments, but we can all play to a good level.’’ They are role models with real-life band experience. Stuart says “My real-world band experience has been the key to teaching children how to get through a performance. Every performer makes mistakes, and that’s an important lesson to teach children. We’re creating resilient young people who have the skills to work together and compromise.’’

Anna joined her first professional band ‘The Get Ups’ after graduating from London College of Music. She has worked as a singer in hotels and on cruise ships, performing six nights a week. She says: “When you perform as regularly as I have, you learn a few tricks! I’m great at helping children overcome any performance nerves they may have.’’

Why is it such a great job?

It’s the perfect job for a professional musician, there’s plenty of time in the evenings, weekends and school holidays to gig and write your own songs. Plus the training and support offered is second to none with a dedicated academy for staff development.

Anna says: “When I’m not teaching children I’m working on my own music. I play gigs every weekend and host open mic nights. It’s a real bonus that I can do this alongside my full-time role.’’

Stuart tells us: “It doesn’t even feel like a job. I get to play instruments all day and inspire children. You have the lessons where everything comes together, all the band are in the same zone and magic happens and the energy in the room is buzzing. The looks on the kids’ faces when they realise how good they are is priceless.”

Changing lives through music

The Band Leaders see some amazing transformations as part of their jobs.

Anna tells us: “I taught a young girl who, due to disabilities from birth, had trouble communicating. I was told not to expect too much from her, but twenty minutes into the half hour session and she was singing ‘We Will Rock You’ with actions too. The head teacher came back into the room to watch her and had tears in her eyes, the whole experience gave me goose bumps!’’

“I’ve helped lots of children with confidence issues. I love being part of that. Watching a child get that buzz from performing when they didn’t even think they’d be able to get up on stage.”

Teaching children as a whole band allows them to support each other. Stuart tells us: “A child in one of my bands has selective mutism and over two years of teaching he has only spoken to me once.

He plays keyboards and really enjoys being pushed with harder parts. His band chose to learn their absolute favourite song and in the lesson, the band were singing along really loudly whilst playing, as they love the song so much. I turned to check on the keyboard players and I saw him singing along too. It was amazing to see how in the zone he was and that he was so comfortable he allowed himself to get caught in the moment.’’

Band Leader Anna still gigs regularly as well as teaching.

A career unlike any other

Competitive salary

Annual staff away-day

A fulfilling career at a growing company

Continuous development opportunities

Staff benefits programme with hundreds of perks

Bonus scheme and performance-based rewards

Optional 1 month sabbatical after 5 years

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Rocksteady Music School is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to the fair treatment of staff, potential staff, and of our services, regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, responsibilities for dependants, age, physical/mental disability, or offending background. Due to the nature of the position, any offer of employment for this role will be subject to a satisfactory DBS check.