Rocksteady Music School

A mission to make a difference with music

Free workshops for those in need

The Rocksteady Foundation organises free sessions for children and young people in charities and support groups across the UK, allowing some of the most vulnerable in society to enjoy the wellbeing, fun and educational benefits of playing music in a band.

Opportunities for everyone

We work with special schools, charities, children’s hospitals, hospices, women’s refuges and groups supporting young carers and looked after children. If your organisation supports young people in difficult situations, we’d love to help.

Music can make a difference

Spending a day making music and having fun can offer valuable respite whilst having a positive impact on self-esteem and wellbeing.

Free lessons in schools

We give one bursary place free to every school we teach in so that more children have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of making music, whatever their circumstances.

Changing Lives

Young Carers Become Rock Stars

Romsey Young Carers used rock music as respite for the many children who don’t usually get the time to pursue hobbies because they’re looking after family members with illnesses or disabilities.

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Foo Fighters Inspire A New Generation

We teamed up with the US rock legends to give over 1,000 children across 10 locations a free live music experience, where they learnt to play a Foo fighters song in just 30 minutes.

Refugees In Belgium Integrate With Locals

Five of Rocksteady’s pro musicians volunteered at the Routes Music Festival in Brussels, running free workshops for refugee children and the local community to bring them closer together.

Key Notes

Free workshops for children in difficult situations

In partnership with charitable organisations

Empowers children to learn an instrument

Builds confidence and self-esteem

Includes 1,000+ bursaries for schools


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