Rocksteady Music School


The best lessons don’t just teach. They inspire.

Rocksteady in-school rock and pop band lessons are a proven, hassle-free way to help 4 to 11 year-olds to develop musical skills, make friends, build confidence and have fun all at once.

A fun journey to the ultimate experience

With 30 minutes’ band practice a week during school time, children go from never having picked up an instrument to rocking out on stage with their bandmates at the end of term.

Easy to choose the part they want to play

Your child can pick from electric guitar, drums, keyboard or vocals. Lessons are led by real musicians during the normal school day, and all instruments are provided.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Children rehearse, listen, copy and play together, which is much more fun and inspiring than learning an instrument on their own. And their bandmates will soon become real mates.

Amplifying every child’s confidence

Learning an instrument and rehearsing for a live performance is a fun way for them to build confidence during school time and show everyone what they’re capable of.

Watch them take the stage

You’ll get to be a proud parent and see your child in the spotlight at the end of term concert. Here you’ll see how far they’ve come, and how far they could go.

Striking the right chord with parents

Rocksteady lessons during usual school time cost just £31.25 a month, on a hassle-free rolling subscription that you can cancel at any time. It’s risk free too - cancel in the first month you’ll get a refund.


Mastering an instrument is a huge achievement. But the journey your child takes while learning to play benefits them more than you could ever imagine.


Lessons help children achieve together, boosting everyone’s confidence. Knowing they have the support of their bandmates gives children a safe place to try new things.


Playing an instrument is proven to reduce anxiety and promote emotional wellbeing, which improves overall happiness inside and outside school.


As a band, children work together to overcome challenges, problem solve and set their own goals. Creating positive learning behaviours to help them progress at school.


Learning to play an instrument increases children’s memory, numeracy and literacy, boosting their achievement at school and sparking a lifelong love of learning.


Learning an instrument improves the part of the brain that deals with behaviour regulation and motor skills, improving children’s focus and progress in class.


Playing in a band is a great leveller. Everybody starts at the same point regardless of ability, which can have a huge impact on children with special educational needs or those with an additional language.


Rocksteady is inclusive, here are our some of the life changing stories of children with SEND.


Lucas is autistic and has ADHD. He struggled to focus on tasks and make friends. At school he felt like an outsider, making him anxious and unable to join in activities.

One term changed his life

He joined Rocksteady in year 3 as a drummer and soon began looking forward to lessons, making friends with bandmates and making everyone laugh with his jokes.

Seeing him remain focused on stage in front of a hall full of people made me an emotional wreck!

Nicola, Proud Parent


What changed for Lucas

He focuses on practicing the tricky drum parts again and again until he’s happy, improving his co-ordination and concentration skills.

Can’t wait to get to school on Rocksteady days
Is calmer and more confident at school
Has made new friends and feels like he belongs


Just half an hour a week can transform your child’s life both inside and outside the classroom, supporting their progress through school and teaching essential life skills.

A quick and accessible way to learn a musical instrument

Boost your child’s happiness and confidence

They’ll make new friends and perform together in a live concert

Lessons take place during the normal school day

Hassle-free, with no need to buy instruments

Professional equipment and expert tuition are included

Just £31.25 on a rolling monthly subscription

Lessons are booked on a first come first served basis. The quickest and easiest way to sign up is online. Follow the link below to secure your place now.

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