Who Are The Rocksteady Band Leaders ?

Author: Mark Robinson

We’re picky about who we select to be band leaders at Rocksteady. Very picky. We’re picky because we know it’s the single most important decision we make in determining the success of a child’s music lessons. We know that if we don’t find the right combination of musicianship, passion, and ability with youngsters, children won’t get the best out of lessons.

If we select someone with great musical ability who can play every instrument under the sun, but they don’t demonstrate passion towards learning, children won’t be passionate about learning themselves. If we hire someone who is passionate about what they’re doing but don’t have the right level of ability in dealing with children, their messages won’t get through. If we find someone who is great at managing children but can’t wow the kids from time to time with a cool guitar riff, then children won’t consider them role models, and will quickly disengage.


For our band leaders, musicianship is largely gained through a wealth of experience over a number of years playing in bands themselves. They have stories, experiences and the scars to prove it! Ability with children is something that we train in house. It’s a fascinating and ever evolving mix of skills but it’s based primarily around listening carefully to children in order to determine what’s best for them.

What we can’t teach however is passion. Whether it’s a passion for music itself or the passion for sharing it with the next generation, you need both to be successful in the job. What’s more, the world needs to be able to see this passion, so our band leaders tend to be people who wear their hearts on their sleeves and will happily strike up a conversation about music or teaching at the drop of a hat and keep you talking well into the night.


Does this sound like anyone you know? We’re now recruiting for more band leaders across the South of England. Click here to find out more.

  • Friday 11, 2015
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