Taking The Next Step into Song Writing

Author: Richard Bushby

Taking The Next Step into Song Writing

Playing in your own rock and pop band is a creative as well as musical experience.  Our Band Leaders will often share band’s who’ve created their own band posters to promote their forthcoming end of term concert or when bands add unique rhythms and melodies into the songs their practising in their weekly rehearsals.

But taking the next step into song writing builds their musicianship on a deeper level and you’re never too young to start!  This term, one of our Band Leaders Luke, has been supporting and encouraging his bands to start song writing.

He empowers the children to shape how the song will sound, giving them different options on beats they might like and asks them to select different notes and put them in order to create different rhythms.

The band choose a subject for the song then after talking through why that subject inspires them lyrics start to emerge.

Once the basic theme of the song has been agreed, Luke helps his band to understand how to use rhyming and to build the basic melodies for the lyrics to fit around.

Performing a new song can be daunting experience and takes courage as you’re showcasing something personal and you don’t know how the crowd will react.   But judging from The Next Step’s new song Rock N Roll, we’ll sure the band will get a massive applause and cheer from their audience.  Check it out here.

Nice work The Next Step – you ROCK!!!



  • Tuesday 28, 2017