The Jigsaw Trust – Foundation Day

Author: Stephanie House

On Friday 18th May over 45 of our lovely team volunteered up and down the country, holding music workshops in hospices, hospitals, special needs schools, refugee centres and charities. Reaching out to children and young adults, helping to bring some music fun into their lives. Luke, Iain and Amanda held workshops at The Jigsaw Trust an independent day school for children and young people with an autism spectrum disorder.

They spent the day working with 20 children ranging from aged 4 to 18 years old. Luke told us what happened on the day: “The children at Jigsaw gave us so many special moments throughout the day such as a 6th form band who within 5 minutes of entering the room were up and performing songs together. One student loved to sing and went straight to the microphone and was calling songs out one after another from the song book. The Jigsaw staff in the room were clapping and singing along and the teachers from the other classrooms came in to see the performance. One of them had tears in their eyes as we performed perfect by Ed Sheeran!”

Jigsaws slogan is “inspired by autism” and Rocksteady were very much inspired by what we saw from these amazing children on the foundation day.

Jigsaw Trust 2 Jigsaw Trust 1
  • Thursday 24, 2018