Music Workshops at Always the Sun by Tish Hart

Author: Stephanie House



On September 10th Rocksteady Music School were fortunate enough to be able to host a series of workshops throughout the final day of Guildford’s Always The Sun festival in Stoke Park.

We were on the search for people between the ages of 4 and 100 to get up on stage and join in the fun of our workshops! During our three workshops we had all sorts of people getting up to have a go. As the workshop leader Matt Palmer rightfully said to the audience “It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, square or triangle – you can get up and have a go!” We had all ages coming to join the fun and within 5 minutes each band would be performing a song in front of a crowd of people at a festival with others that they had never met before!

Mr David Jackson, Headteacher of The Abbey School in Farnham joined us for our last workshop of the day. Despite the turn in weather the turn out for our last session was fantastic and David said that he came along with his wife and two children after a friend had recommended that he went. Both his children got up and played electric guitar and keyboard respectively, saying afterwards that despite initial nerves they were very proud of themselves and would love to do it again! Both David and his wife were very impressed with what they saw, too! “The biggest plus for me was the absolute energy and enthusiasm coming from staff which transferred over to the kids. All seemed to be sharing their love of music with no focus on mistakes, it was all about trying.”

It was a fantastic day of music in the tent with many beaming faces from the participants and audience despite the weather! It’s so exciting to have been part of a lot of people’s first time playing at a festival and potentially not their last! Thank you Always The Sun for giving us the opportunity to inspire future musicians!



  • Monday 02, 2017