Foundation Day at Chestnut Tree House

Author: Stephanie House

As part of our mission to empower as many children as possible through music, the Rocksteady foundation days continue to grow in importance and this academic year has seen our initial pilot workshop day at Chestnut Tree House blossom into an ongoing working partnership. There are approximately 1,000 families with life-limited children in Sussex. Chestnut Tree House offers support for the whole family including psychological and bereavement support, end of life and short break care as well as sibling support. Rocksteady has become a regular feature of the charities ‘Sibling Days’. The idea of these days is that Rocksteady go in to run workshops with children who’s siblings are suffering from a life threatening illness, and give them some much needed time to focus on expressing themselves and enjoying being a child.

Maggie who is the Family Councillor at Chestnut Tree House told us what she thought of the day.

Their individual, and group, growth into a band ‘The Cosmic Bananas’ was a real thrill to observe. Having started with a variety of skills, including no experience of any of the instruments, at the end of the day they played two popular songs to an appreciative audience of parents, children and staff.  One parent said about her child ‘she has never wanted to perform before’, another said ‘her dad will be gutted that he missed this!’, another member of staff said ‘It brought a tear to my eye’. To observe their increasing confidence and enjoyment develop was a treat.’  

Thanks to Rachel, Jordan and Chloe for all their hard work, you can see from the photo below they enjoyed themselves as well!

Chestnut tree hospice
  • Wednesday 18, 2017