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Feel Good Friday Music Streams

To help teachers deliver the wellbeing benefits of music to their pupils, we created Feel Good Friday, fun 30-minute, whole class, weekly streamed music lessons for YR-2, Y3-4 and Y5-6. Hundreds of schools join us every week. Lessons are completely free for schools and can be enjoyed on-demand to fit in with your timetable.

Follows the music curriculum

Children explore the music curriculum in new and exciting ways. For example they’ll learn all about different music genres, chords, rhythm, and tempo. Find out what your pupils will learn this half-term here.

Gives your pupils a wellbeing boost

The lessons aim to give your pupils a weekly boost in wellbeing and confidence, which will help support them at school.

No prep, planning or instruments needed

The lessons aim to support you by giving you a valuable educational resource at the click of a button each week.

Flexible to suit your needs

Use it as your weekly class music lesson, build on it with follow up work or simply enjoy the interactive sessions.

Watch on-demand

Join in at a time or day that suits you, every week or once a month, it’s completely up to you.

A highlight of the week for hundreds of schools

It's a fun addition to the week and you can even request a shout out for your class in one of our seasonal special streams.

Musical games, live performances and more

Fun, new and innovative games to engage your pupils and help them develop a love of music.

Tailored streams for YR-2, Y3-4 and Y5-6.

Interactive and engaging lessons, designed carefully for each age group.

To get access to Feel Good Friday lessons for your school, click the link below. All you'll need is a valid official Primary School email address for the weekly Feel Good Friday links to be sent to.

We join in every Friday and love your games and songs. You pitch it all perfectly, well done for making music so accessible for us.

Helen, Teacher, Sacred Heart Primary School

I am really impressed at all the musical terminology and skills that are being taught in every half hour session. It’s the first thing they ask me about on a Friday morning.

Emma, Teacher, Lockwood Primary School