Making music more inclusive

By breaking down the traditional barriers and costs associated with traditional musical tuition, Rocksteady makes music accessible to more pupils. Rehearsing by listening, copying and playing together, they experience the benefits of group learning in every sense.

Fun that fine tunes academic skills

Music can put other achievements on a different scale too. The teamwork, listening and social skills required to master songs significantly increases memory, numeracy and confidence. In a recent study, 93 Rocksteady learners showed an average 11% improvement in academic grades, against previous benchmarking.

Learning that’s on their wavelength

Kids are drawn to music by the likes of Beyonce, Ed Sheeran and Katy Perry – not crochets, minims and quavers. That’s where our inspirational band leaders come in, teaching them to sing and play the songs they want to perform. So persuasion is not needed, just enthusiasm harnessed in the right direction.

We manage everything, schools pay nothing

We’ll provide all the band leaders, creativity, instruments, inspiration and administration. All we need form schools is a roomful of youngsters dying to make some noise and emulate their rock heroes. It’s free for schools and less per month for parents than one hour’s traditional private music tuition.

A relevant option with inspirational material

Most children want to learn an instrument because they heard Little Mix in the car on the way home from school. Or perhaps they saw George Ezra on YouTube. Our tutors not only know these songs but will simplify them for any level and teach your pupils to play their own rendition as a band. Ready to perform for their peers.

Make music accessible to more of your pupils

Your pupils will learn through playing modern songs together in a band, by listening, copying and playing. By removing the barriers associated with traditional music education: sight reading, scale exercises and formal exams, music becomes accessible to more children who might otherwise be switched off


Band based Peri music service.
Free to your school.

All instruments and equipment provided. No experience necessary.

Bands perform live
to an audience at the end of term

 Learn musical skills alongside building teamwork, resilience and communication skills.


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