Action for Children – Foundation Day

Author: Stephanie House

Rocksteady’s Sean and Becca visited Action for Children in Dewsbury for Rocksteady’s Foundation Day. The charity supports disadvantaged children and young people from before they are born until they are in their twenties.

Two different groups of children joined in the music workshops and many of them were incredibly shy. However, they managed to overcome their shyness to produce an end of day performance which was truly impressive.

Charlotte Donaldson from the charity gave this feedback from the day
: “The session provided by Sean and Becca was really well received by the young people they were working with, as they were very engaging with them. The young people were chosen for many reasons but some of them certainly struggle at school and lack positive experiences in their lives. This was certainly a positive experience for them and gave them the opportunity of doing something they have never done before.

The way they were supported to make music in such a short amount of time was absolutely amazing and the young people were completely focused and seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. To be a part of making music was a real achievement for those young people and no doubt helped their confidence to perform it to others at the end.

It would also be nice to think that some of the young people may have found something that they enjoy and may like to pursue in the future. I cannot praise Rocksteady enough and I hope we will soon see them further up North and they can continue to offer support to disadvantaged young people in addition to the work they do in schools.’

Dewsbury foundation image
  • Wednesday 30, 2018